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Bicupid Review – Largest Bisexual Dating sites

Bicupid For bisexual dating

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BiCupid offers a platform for bisexual dating experience for you. It’s specifically designed to accommodate bisexual singles meeting each other in a convenient environment. Instead of providing a random result, BiCupid features an advanced searching system which allows you to find your crushes immediately. The good news is that Bi Cupid is also open for non-bisexual members including heterosexuals, homosexuals, and other groups of sexual orientation. Let’s have a look at its highlights.

Sign Up Process

Bi Cupid’s sign up process is quick, to the point, and convenient. You only need to input your email address and basic information to verify your account. Then, you can work on your public profile where you inform your interests, hobbies, orientations, preferences, and so forth. It only takes minutes to complete your sign up.


There are three monthly memberships plan in Bi Cupid including 1 month($29.95), 3 months($59.95), and six months($95.95). membership unlocks all features including limitless access to the platform. However, you can still use Bi Cupid for free with limited features but you can upgrade your account to the paid version.

Key Features

  • It’s obvious that BiCupid is bisexual friendly and support other sexual orientations to find their love or get their own date. This way, you won’t find any inconveniences like discrimination you might find in the generic dating site. In short, anyone can conveniently use BiCupid platform.
  • BiCupid also provides you with valuable tips on how you get can effectively find your partner soon. More powerful, easy-to-understand articles are also available to help you in improving dating or relationship experience. Learning more
  • You won’t find any ads appear in your screen when using Bi Cupid even though you’re a free member. Most other sites consider free membership as a trial but Bi Cupid treats it as an actual member. However, the paid membership allows you to unlock more features and you can choose a particular type of membership which suits your needs the most.
  • Bi Cupid platform allows you to modify search and get the relevant result. You can use the filters to gain a particular result based on your preference. The search engine interface is user-friendly so you can perform searching more effectively and conveniently.  
  • The customer service is responsive and they even allow you to chat with the customer service to get immediate support. Whatever your queries or issues would be quickly responded so you can get back to your mission soon enough.
  • Unlike other dating sites, you’re allowed to exchange email address with other members. However, you’d be at your own discretion when deciding to give your actual email members, be selective and careful. In other hands, you can simply use the in-platform communication features.

General Thoughts

BiCupid is recommended for those who’re looking for convenient bisexual dating sites which open to all sexual orientations with the no-judging environment. It also helps you as a community by providing valuable information about dating and relationship. BiCupid provides an advanced searching feature and a more flexible communication policy which are things you need to get a date soon. In the end, it’s suggested to upgrade your account to enjoy more valuable features.