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World’s Best Bi Curious Dating Site -Adult FriendFinder Review

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Adult FriendFinder is the world’s best Bicurious Dating Sites for reasons. It has a huge member database as well as advanced features which improve your findings, communication, and various facilities to help you find your dating soon enough. It offers an irresistible environment for open relationship including Bi Curious dating.


Adult FriendFinder has both standard and premium membership. The standard membership is where you can use the platform with limited features and functionality. The premium membership or paid membership allows you to unlock the premium features to improve the user experiences. There are three membership plans in Adult FriendFinder including 1 month($29.95), three-month plan($59.80), 12-month or one-year plan($179.10). The longer plan offers you monthly discounts but you can simply take the one which suits your need.

Key Features:

  • Adult FriendFinder offers a wide range of communication features both for active or passive interaction. For active interaction, there are email messaging, text chat, video chat, and so forth. You can also send favorite to certain photos or profiles.
  • Easy User Interface: Once you’ve reached the main Adult FriendFinder, you can easily navigate to sections and tabs since they’re well organized. The main page also shows helpful features to see who’s online, find members nearby, or look out the VIP members.
  • Advanced Searching: You can conventionally pre-configure your searching setting with various filter options so you can get relevant results. Whether it’s measurements or other preferences, you can simply set the indicators which suit your requirements.
  • Sexually Themed: Even though it’s not declared as Bi(bisexual)curious Dating Sites in the front, it’s actually the best one. Adult FriendFinder features established communities of each sexual groups or orientation. More community events are even available to engage you into the specific, supportive, environment.
  • Mobile Internet Responsive: Even though you can’t find a mobile app for Adult FriendFinder, the site has the mobile version. You can load site through your smartphone responsively and you can conveniently use the features for searching and communication as well.
  • In-Platform Virtual Sex: Adult FriendFinder broadcasts live virtual sex videos featuring models. If you take your gold membership, you’ll have the chances to enjoy the in-platform virtual sex experiences in Adult FriendFinder but additional costs may apply as well.
  • Completely Safe and Secure: Adult FriendFinder’s site is fully encrypted so you can safely and securely use the features. Each member can conveniently search, interact, and take the advantages of the platform with peace of mind. Of course, you can set what personal information you want to share or not.

General Thoughts

AdultFriendFinder is one of the most comprehensive yet specific Bi curious Dating Sites at the same time. It offers a secure and safe online dating experience. The features are enormous and they’re both functional and improving the overall user experience. For better user experience, it’s suggested to upgrade your standard member to gold member but you’re completely free to choose the plan which suits your need.